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Birthdate:Mar 24
Location:Nowheresville, United States of America
"...By the grace of God, I am what I am." - 1 Corinthians 15:10.

Interests (148):

300, academic research, alice in wonderland, alternative, angel, anime, anything and everything, archery, art, avatar the last airbender, bastard, beauty and the beast, big bang theory, bizarre food, blade, blade runner, bluegrass, blues, boxing, bram stoker's dracula, buffy the vampire slayer, classic rock, classical, columbiana, comics, corpse bride, country, county fairs, craftwork, crouching tiger hidden dragon, cultural studies, cyrano de bergerac, dancing, donnie darko, dragon ball z, drawing, edward scissorhands, elementary, enter the dragon, exorcist, family guy, fantasy, fashion, fencing, festivals, fishing, fist of fury, folk, friday the 13th, game of death, gamer, gundam wing 08th ms team, halloween, halloween tree, hannibal, hannibal rising, harry potter, hellraiser, hero, hiking, history, horse-back riding, house md, house of flying daggers, howl's moving castle, hunger games, jane eyre, ju-on, kiki's delivery service, labyrinth, language, last unicorn, law, law abiding citizen, legend, legend of the guardians, linguistics, literature, make-up, martial arts, memoirs of a geisha, metal, monty python, music, my neighbor totoro, mythology, neverending story, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, once upon a time, opera, p.s. i love you, painting, pan's labyrinth, phantom of the opera, philosophy, pitch black, poetry, politics, pride and prejudice, princess mononoke, psychology, reading, red dragon, red riding hood, renaissance fairs, repo! the genetic opera, resident evil, revenge, riddick, ringu, rock, role-playing, science fiction, sherlock, sherlock holmes, silence of the lambs, silent hill, simpsons, soul, spirited away, star trek, sweeny todd, swimming, symphonic rock, taken, target shooting, the 13th warrior, the big boss, the crow, the fifth element, the grudge, the last samurai, the shinning, theater, theology, thir13en ghosts, time-period movies, travel, v for vendetta, village, watchmen, waterworld, way of the dragon, woman in black, world/international, writing, wuthering heights
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